08-09 March 2017 | Singapore
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Smaller interactive sessions

CTWeek 2017 will be an entirely new type of event for treasurers and CFOs. No longer the standard conference format, but a series of hour-long deep-dive sessions in smaller, interactive groups.

8 deep dive sessions over 2 days on key topics

Each session limited to 50 participants

Pre-submit questions for better in-depth analysis

Select your schedule over the 2 days

Chatham House Rule – open and frank discussion

Networking breaks will also have a new feel – short interesting talks, informal settings, and a healthy approach to ‘lunch on the move’

2 days of real value – summary reports provided post event.

Advisory board – real practitioners guiding content

This year we have appointed an Advisory Board of top practitioners to road-map the content for each session.

Emil Andersen, Head of Regional Treasury Center, Singapore, Group Finance & Risk Management, Maersk Treasury Center

Joerg Ayrle, Group Chief Financial Officer, Thai Union

Christopher Emslie, Country Treasurer, ABB

Damian Glendinning, Vice President & Treasurer, Lenovo

Antti Kyyro, Head of Regional Treasury Asia-Pacific & India, Nokia

Jayant Parande, President & Global Head – Treasury & IR, Group Treasurer, Olam

Vilia Husin, Group Treasurer, Astra International

And the topics under analysis…

Liquidity and cash flow

Financial markets risk management

Management of the supply chain

Asset management: dealing with excess liquidity

Fintech – getting used to working with disruptors

Payables solutions

Big data analytics

Explaining the rating process

Content Partners

The advisory board and the CTWeek content team will work closely with partners – each session will have an independent moderator

To become a content partner, please contact Chris Bland, Business Development Director, chris.bland@haymarket.asia, T. +852 2122 5235


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For more information, please contact:
Amy Rotman
Senior Conference Producer
Tel: +852 3175 1917
Email: amy.rotman@haymarket.asia
For sponsorship enquiries, please contact:
Chris Bland
Business Development Manager
Direct: +852 2122 5235
Email: chris.bland@haymarket.asia
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