08-09 March 2017 | Singapore
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Smaller interactive sessions

CTWeek 2017 will be an entirely new type of event for treasurers and CFOs. No longer the standard conference format, but a series of hour-long deep-dive sessions in smaller, interactive groups.

8 deep dive sessions over 2 days on key topics

Each session limited to 50 participants

Pre-submit questions for better in-depth analysis

Select your schedule over the 2 days

Chatham House Rule – open and frank discussion

Networking breaks will also have a new feel – short interesting talks, informal settings, and a healthy approach to ‘lunch on the move’

2 days of real value – summary reports provided post event.

Advisory board – real practitioners guiding content

This year we have appointed an Advisory Board of top practitioners to road-map the content for each session.

Emil Andersen, Head of Regional Treasury Center, Singapore, Group Finance & Risk Management, Maersk Treasury Center

Joerg Ayrle, Group Chief Financial Officer, Thai Union

Christopher Emslie, Country Treasurer, ABB

Damian Glendinning, Vice President & Treasurer, Lenovo

Antti Kyyro, Head of Regional Treasury Asia-Pacific & India, Nokia

Jayant Parande, President & Global Head – Treasury & IR, Group Treasurer, Olam

Vilia Husin, Group Treasurer, Astra International

And the topics under analysis…

Liquidity and cash flow

Managing limited funds across companies and jurisdictions. Given heightened anxiety around funding, what are the best routes to delivering liquidity to those in your business who need it most. Emphasis on the most sophisticated programmes available on the market and how they are implemented and managed throughout Asia and beyond will drive these sessions.

Financial markets risk management

As volatility continues to pick up, corporate treasury departments need to know where their financial exposures are and how best to handle them. Given the disjointed nature of Asia’s regulatory environment, clear advice on how best to execute trades that are both compliant and cost-effective is in clear demand.

In-house banking

The end stage for treasury centralization is the creation of an IHB. Poorly defined and difficult to set and prepare for, corporate treasurers are hungry to learn how best to lay the groundwork for an IHB, and what the ultimate risks and benefits will be.

Management of the supply chain

Supply chain financing programmes offer a highly sophisticated way of supporting the finances of an MNC’s invaluable distribution and supplier network. However, they are not perfect and treasurers are on the look to find methods that delve far deeper into the chain.

Asset management: dealing with excess liquidity

The management of cash deposits has become increasingly more complex, given broadly low interest rates and Basel III treatment of non-operating accounts. This not only tests corporate treasuries to come up with innovating investing strategies, but also places pressure on bank relationships. Solutions to these issues are a top priority.

Event scenario planning

Theme agnostic, this presentation is designed to educate treasury executives on how best to understand the risk hidden inside their books. The best techniques to predict “black swan” events and what damage that could to the business is sorely welcome among senior management.

Fintech – getting used to working with disruptors

Corporate treasurers publicly express the need for innovation as bank regulation, fines, and capital requirements is proving a block in traditional transaction banking. In the same breath they argue they are anxious to work with startups because of their lack of track record. This presentation aims to objectively break down those concerns and assess why working with fintech can benefit your treasury department.

Getting the best out of AP/AR

Rather than being viewed as merely a costly basic back office function, many major corporates are finding ways to both make efficiencies in the AR/AP process through centralization but also utilise the data that comes out of it more effectively. Payment factories are becoming increasingly popular in Asia and there are good reasons why

Coming to terms with compliance

The huge problems facing treasury departments right now is the ability to manage the numerous KYC requests from banks just to open basic accounts. Not only that, but treasurers now have to do extensive research on their own suppliers. This is the hard reality they face and, although many are frustrated, some are proactive in establishing techniques to ease the process.

Big data analytics

As demand for integrated real-time financial market information internal corporate data rises, the value of big data analytics is increasingly being recognised. Today’s treasurers need to understand the growing possibilities in treasury intelligence, transformation, business planning, and how to make big data work for their own business objectives.

Content Partners

The advisory board and the CTWeek content team will work closely with partners – each session will have an independent moderator

To become a content partner, please contact Chris Bland, Business Development Director, chris.bland@haymarket.asia, T. +852 2122 5235



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